Residual Income Home Business Opportunities

Residual income home business opportunities enable you to do the work once and get paid forever.

The best way to build a residual income from home is to join business opportunities that pay monthly recurring commissions and to setup automated traffic sources by using evergreen methods such as article marketing, blogging and video marketing.

Combine the 2 and you have a residual income home business opportunity that can be very lucrative indeed.

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Residual Income Home Business Opportunities

Search engine traffic is one of the best recurring traffic streams to tap into. By applying a few basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques you can rank your websites on the front page of Google for specific product name keywords. Then when customers are researching these products online there is a good chance they will come across your content and click your affiliate links.

When you have quite a few of these pages ranked on Google for product name keywords then it will be hard to stop these daily commissions arriving!

Another great way to ensure a daily stream of traffic to your websites is with free content marketing in the form of blogging and article marketing. Commit to posting daily keyword targeted posts to your blogs and then converting this content to articles and syndicating to the top article directories.

Over the course of a few months you will have hundreds of pages of content on your blog and hundreds of articles syndicated across the internet. There is bound to a healthy amount of daily visitors arriving from all of this content.

The hardest part of this monthly residual income formula on the internet is establishing this consistent flow of traffic. But when you have put in the initial marketing then it will be hard to stop the traffic, leads and commissions coming in.

Residual Income Home Business

Advertising Revenue Sharing – There are quite a few passive online business opportunities available today that are geared towards building a passive income. Instead of actively promoting products as an internet marketer, you are invited to invest into an advertising revenue share of the company. So the product in question is traffic in the form of banner advertising and text ad impressions. The companies make money by reselling this space to their clients, and they pay their affiliates a share of these profits.

Blogging – I am a big fan of online traffic generation methods that involve doing the work once and getting daily visitors as a result for potentially years to come. Blogging is one of the best automated traffic methods to achieve this. If you commit to writing daily keyword targeted blog posts then over the course of a few months you will have daily visitors arriving. You can build a residual income from these blog visitors by promoting affiliate products and from the advertising space you sell on your blog.

Online Network Marketing Opportunities – One of the best ways to generate an automated online income is to create your own information product and then have lots of affiliates promoting this for you. The problem with this method is that it is hard for the typical internet marketing newbie to create their own products and to recruit affiliates to sell it. But by building a downline in an online network marketing company you get to leverage the power of a team to generate this same effect without actually having to own the product itself.

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